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4 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Children to a Kids Indoor Playground in Teachers Village NJ

For most of us, growing up in Essex County NJ involved spinning and outdoor recreation parks. Whether you had a memorable experience or not while growing, playing remains an integral part of a child’s development. 

Indoor playgrounds, STEM toys, and other educational games have evolved. They add to the growth of a child. 

How often do you take your children to Teachers Village indoor playground?

In today’s society, there are a lot of outdoor centers for kids to play in. Screen-based games are also on the steady rise, this is due to how they help to keep kids occupied. If you are searching for a kids’ indoor playground or Teachers Village indoor playground, you may get limited results. 

But, they are still good reliable kids indoor playgrounds in Essex County, NJ. 

Doyou wish to improve the existing play mode of your children? Looking for a unique Teachers Village indoor playground to provide a memorable experience for your kids?

Exceptional Explorers is a travel themed play space in New Jersey. 

With our time slot mode of operation, your kids will have ample time to play and explore. 

Including our structured travel-themed arts and crafts classes in your children’s activities can be the ideal way to enhance the play experience of your kids.

Whether you reside in Essex County NJ or elsewhere in New Jersey, it may take a bit more effort to take your kids to a suitable Teachers Village kids indoor playground. 

However, there are lots of benefits. Here are 4 important ones: 

A good kids indoor playground has equipment that helps to develop children’s gross motor skills. Exceptional Explorers targets activities that promote motor and speech development in a child.

Activities that involve large muscles of the body improves motor skills in kids. For instance, equipment that involves pulling and hanging on to the bars in a kid’s indoor playground strengthens the hands and finger muscles. 

The toddler area in Exceptional Explorers improves grasping. It has small ladders and beams that promote balance and coordination. Other benefits in this section are:

All over the world, there’s been a lot of health research and how living an active lifestyle is crucial to good health. Kids are not left out too, active kids are sometimes healthier than inactive ones. 

Most young adults who live a sedentary lifestyle were once inactive children. Visits to kids’ indoor playgrounds promote an active lifestyle. You can call 973-302-3194 to book a time slot for your kids. 

The function of physical play in the life of a child is enormous. The most important is that it helps them use up their stored energy. The energy put in use promotes better sleeping and eating habits.

A visit to kids’ indoor playground in Teachers Village NJ will instill healthy habits into your child. What’s better than a healthy child growing into adulthood with an active lifestyle? The star of the play. 

When children go to Teachers Village indoor playground, they learn teamwork(playing with others). There’s something common amongst children in general, whether a child plays beside them or with them, as long as they see their age-grade which is usually in a play space, they initiate and develop a friendship. 

A visit to the kids indoor playground is a natural way they learn to interact with fellow kids. Different activities require taking turns, which is a good opportunity to instill patience. They also learn how to share and respect the needs of other kids. 

With so many subjects taught in school, some are learned playfully in a kids indoor playground. Exceptional Explorers has geography-themed arts and crafts class that is highly educational, in a fun way. 

Most kids within the age of 4 to 6 are less interested in toys and more interested in interacting with other kids. 

At this stage, they connect more in parallel and associative play. During this phase, they bring forth what they learned while using toys and use them to engage in other activities. It helps them to connect more with other kids and practice playing. 

Cooperative play is also present at this stage, which is present in a Teachers Village indoor playground. They learn the rules about settlement and cooperation while taking steps to understand how to use ethical knowledge to determine values.

A visit to the kids indoor playground can brighten their mood. At a young age, different occurrences can create intense emotions, e.g relocation, loss of a pet etc. Indoor play space gives room for kids to interact with others and release their emotions. Sharing feelings while playing is a good way to overcome trauma. 

While interacting and exploring, participating in indoor playground activities builds a child’s self-esteem. When kids handle tasks, play by themselves, climb small ladders, it gives them a sense of morale. 

Unlike when they’re told what to do at home, in a kids indoor playground, sometimes they play in a group or alone, which makes them in charge. In this scenario, being in charge builds their confidence to handle tasks on their own or interact with others. 

Whether you reside in Essex County or other parts of New Jersey, a visit to Exceptional Explorers will Improve child’s emotional intelligence through:

Emotional understanding takes place on the playground. All kids love to play, but some do not feel relaxed and safe to participate in activities that involve other kids. In Exceptional Explorers, all kids are valued and included in classes they booked for. 

Participation and inclusion have the potential to transform other forms of relationships. E.g the student-teacher relationship in school. 

The creative activities in Exceptional Explorers arts and crafts classes foster a child’s artistic appreciation.

The benefits of arts and crafts to everyone cannot be overstated. Here are a few:

1 Arts have a historical depiction of how societies evolved. It also shows how people’s different cultures and traditions were. Exceptional Explorers has a travel-themed play space that conducts weekly classes in arts and crafts. We value art and make it fun for kids. 

  1. 2. In some cases, art can be therapeutic. An anxious or troubled child who walks into an indoor play space that appreciates arts can feel instant calmness. It is also beneficial in overcoming the effects of minor illnesses. 
  1. Kids also get to learn art skills from a young age, which can be commercialized in architecture or advertising later on.
  1. Self-expression is also developed. Arts tend to bring kids together socially. Taking your child to a Teachers Village indoor playground that appreciates arts and crafts is key to social development. 

 Ready to Take Your Children to a Kids Indoor Playground in Teachers Village NJ?

Exceptional Explorers is the first of its kind travel-themed play space in Essex County NJ. We are in the business of providing children with a play space that encourages all the benefits of indoor playgrounds. We have a wide range of fun activities for kids to engage in, like arts & crafts, STEAM, science and art classes.

Because we are passionate about STEM, travel, fun, and learning, we can provide a wide variety of fascinating and thrilling indoor play activities. Our kids indoor playground motivates kids to use their imaginations in creative and modern ways.

Feel free to call 973-302-3194 to book a suitable time slot for your kids.

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