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Kids Birthday Party In Montclair Heights

Ideas for Kids Party Entertainment that Kids Will Love in Montclair Heights NJ

Planning a Montclair Heights kids birthday party is hard work, especially if the age range of guests differs. The kids’ party entertainment process is also a daunting task as every child wants to play and have fun at parties. 

The quality of the kids party entertainment can make or break a kids birthday party. From setting up the food to play ideas to thrill the audience, it is important to get it right. 

Whatever your Montclair Heights kids birthday party plans are, here are 5 kids party entertainment ideas that children will love. 

General games like musical bumps may work for any age group, but if they’re smaller, consider narrowing them down to age-appropriate games. 

For starters, think of something that can make them comfortable, cause kids can be shy. You can start with interpersonal interactive activities then gradually move to team games. Avoid starting with competitive games, most kids will be reluctant to participate. 

Furthermore, include games that go with your theme. If you are short of ideas, you can include traditional games like: 

If your New Jersey kids birthday party has a theme, you can rename traditional games to suit your chosen theme. In Essex County NJ, spin the bottle is a popular junior kids party entertainment game that involves spinning an empty plastic bottle. When it stops, whoever it points to is picked, and made to do an easy forfeit. 

The forfeit could be:

Another age-appropriate game to try out is to bring out age-appropriate costumes for kids to play: dress up and pass the parcel. It entails a kid picking up full outfits including jewelry, socks, fancy hats, and gloves, and getting dressed within the allocated time frame. When the time elapses the kid will stop, the sillier he or she looks, the more interesting the game will be. 

Note: Most New Jersey kids birthday party games require prize giving. Plan to give a winner a prize during the kids party entertainment games. Consider your budget and opt for something that should keep them happy. Gifts like: a small box of chocolate, pencil, or notepad will do. 

Balloons are a must for any event, especially in a Montclair Heights kids birthday party. If blowing balloons is not part of your kids party entertainment plans, then it may be hard for kids to find the party interesting. 

There are 2 Main Types of Balloons Used as Kids Party Entertainment in Montclair Heights NJ

Depending on your budget, they are different types of balloons sold in stores, ranging from colorful mouth-blown balloons to foil balloons. 

The mouth balloons are cheaper than the foil types. It comes in different shapes, from round, elongated to oval, the round oval shapes are popular as birthday favors in a Montclair Heights kids birthday party. 

The second type is the foil blow-up balloon. It is coated with shiny materials, you can make custom wishes on them. They are usually costlier than the colorful mouth balloons, you can paint or write on them. However, they are mostly used for decoration at a kids’ birthday party and not for birthday favors. 

To add blow up balloons to your kids party entertainment, you can write custom messages on them like: 

“Happy 4th Birthday”(insert your kid’s age).

“Happy Birthday, We Love You”

If it’s too much to handle or you prefer generic birthday messages like the one above, you can order them online. If you want a more personalized message without going through the hassle, you can have it done at the store you bought it from. 

If you intend to use a different location in Essex County NJ, you can go with Exceptional Explorers. They have different time slots and options for Montclair Heights kids birthday party, including balloon – bouquet for kids party entertainment as add-ons. You can go through the rest of our site to see how it works or call 973-302-3194 to check availability and book your kids birthday party. 

Balloons can easily jazz up your kids’ party entertainment plan, and give your Montclair Heights kids birthday party venue a photo finish. 

This can be in the form of musical bumps, it has proven to be a big kids party entertainment medium in Essex County and all over New Jersey. If the party is held in a venue with a carpeted floor, selected children can dance to the music being played. They sit as fast as they can, when the music is paused, the chairs are usually smaller in number than the dancers. The last man standing is out of the game.

If they’re much, you can leave the last four remaining kids as winners. 

Music as a lullaby or play song is loved by kids. It is a magical kid’s party entertainment strategy because children and music go together. 

Children don’t just love music at birth, they enjoy the benefits more at their parties. Asides from keeping them occupied at parties, it makes game time fun and lively. 

Additionally, there are physical and cognitive benefits of music at a kids’ birthday party. It increases their social skills. As they dance in groups or participate in musical games, they learn to work as a team. 

Tip: You can make two or three teams during musical bumps and the last person standing from each group can dance and each group will vote for a winner. 

Ensure to include music games in your Essex County kids’ birthday party, it enhances creativity in a group environment. 

Music is the life of a kids’ birthday party, incorporate it into their activities and see how it refines social skills. Each child will try to recognize a member of his or her group, they have fun working collectively and patiently taking turns. 

Face painting is not just for fun, it’s a fantastic learning activity. Kids love the breaking out of paints, especially the colorful transformation it gives. With face painting, kids can temporarily look like their favorite superheroes. 

The colorful features provide a fun learning experience as a kids party entertainment feature. Your Montclair Heights kids birthday party can be an avenue for kids to transform into wild animals, their favorite superheroes, and butterflies. Just hire an expert face painter. 

Caution: Lookout for professional face painters that will use good paintings, so they can easily be removed. Hypoallergenic materials and Water-based face paints are the best, kids are usually restored to their normality before going to bed. 

How to Incorporate Face Painting into Kids Party Entertainment

You can make a jungle pretend play. Paint some groups of kids as monkeys, some as leopards, and others as leopards. They all act like monkeys and leopards are invading the lions, snakes and other animals will be there. 

As they invade, watch how the remaining kids will talk about the number of stripes they want to be painted or the type of animals they want to be in the play. See how numbers and animal vocabulary is being enhanced for younger kids. 

Kids love to play and have fun, and you don’t want to get frustrated with trying to coordinate things and serve 15 hungry kids. Why not let professionals ease the stress. Exceptional Explorers has the perfect play space for a kids birthday party in Montclair Heights NJ. 

Despite being tech-savvy and knowing how to play all the video games, children still enjoy traditional kids party entertainment. The travel-themed space in Exceptional Explorers engages, develops, and thrills children. You can go through the rest of our site to book a suitable time and space. We understand the importance of kids party entertainment, we have party equipment that will keep kids involved and entertained. In our arts and crafts themed space, their attention will not lapse, nor will their enthusiasm wander. 

All Exceptional Explorers equipment is properly maintained and clean to provide fun and quality playtime for kids. With our facilities, just sit back, relax and enjoy the play space and games. 

Final Notes

We hope you found these kids party entertainment ideas helpful and that your child, his or her friends, and you enjoy a fun-filled Montclair Heights kids birthday party. 

All in all, ensure to always choose activities that your child loves. Your plan should work across boys and girls and decide whether you are going to handle it or book a venue for the kids to have fun. 

In Essex County NJ, Exceptional Explorers has a kids party entertainment space that your child and their friends will love. You can call 973-302-3194 to check and book available time slots.

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