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About Us

Who We Are

Livingston Children’s birthday party
Exceptional Explorers is a concept created by two mothers in the Livingston, NJ community who saw a need to promote cultural exposure and diversity in kids. As an Occupational Therapist and Speech Language Pathologist, our goal was to create a clean and welcoming space where children can learn and explore in a fun and safe environment, while parents can socialize or finally finish off that report guilt-free. Having many years of child development education and experience between us, we have formulated a unique curriculum that strives to introduce young learners to what it means to be a global citizen. The theme of this indoor playground exposes children to other countries and landmarks through arts and crafts classes that promote motor and speech development, while at the same time also allowing children to explore a space that engages and entertains.

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Exceptional Explorers: Where Your Child Can Learn, Play, and Explore!

Welcome to Exceptional Explorers, the indoor playground in Essex County, NJ. Here at Exceptional Explorers, we encourage your little one to explore our indoor playground to the fullest. With shapes, colors, and games to keep their minds working, your child can have a full day of imagination and adventure. Best of all, there’s space for you to unwind as well. At our parent friendly space you are free to unwind, read, chat, or even tackle some of your professional work all while watching your child explore our indoor playground. Exceptional Explorers believes in giving children a place to be themselves and practice their limitless imaginations. With caring and attentive staff, other children to play with, and a flair for imagination, Exceptional Explorers looks forward to taking care of your child in a supportive and playful atmosphere.

Our Goal

The goal of the team at Exceptional Explorers is to give your child an experience that extends beyond the average daycare or kids indoor playground. Having been founded by two mothers with backgrounds in occupational therapy and speech language pathology, we want your little one to be spending their time playing and growing while they are here. We believe that every child has a little explorer in them, so we have designed a play area that keeps them thinking and imagining. With colorful shapes, puzzles, and play structures, there is no limit what your little one can imagine. The background of our staff has allowed us to create a curriculum that aims to introduce your child to the world and it’s many qualities. By learning about other countries through art, crafts, art and science classes and play structures that promote the development of motor and speech, we provide young learners an environment for play and intellectual growth. We want your child to feel comfortable to explore their imagination in a space that is safe, engaging, and caters to their ever evolving curiosities.

Our Services at a Glance

Exceptional Explorers proudly offers several packages that extend beyond our traditional indoor play space rates. All of our classes, kids birthday parties, and arcade games are carried out with social distancing guidelines in place to offer peace of mind to parents. Whether it is open play time, or an exciting birthday party theme, there is something for every young learner here at Exceptional Explorers. Take a look at some of our most popular kids indoor playground services in Essex County, NJ:
  • Toddler Art Classes: By using various materials and mediums for art creating, your child will learn how art works from shapes to colors and more!
  • Robotics Classes: Our new robotics classes offer kids a way to learn critical thinking skills in Math, Science, and Engineering. The robotics classes are STEM enrichment based, and utilize LEGO, WeDo, or LEGO EV3 robotics to provide a curriculum that enriches creativity and communication skills.
  • Sensory Science Classes: We think it is important for children to play messy from time to time. That is why we have introduced our sensory science class in which children can explore activities involving bubbles, sensory bottles, and creating slime! Great for children aged 3-6, this class will help turn the wheels of creation and intellect. 
  • Science STEAM Classes: We love providing a platform that gets kids excited about how and why the world works. Through interactive lessons, your child can learn about rockets and the solar system in a beautifully designed play space!
These are just some of the offers of open play, interactive play, and indoor play that Exceptional Explorers has to offer. If you would like further information on any of our packages or classes, please call us today! You are more than welcome to take a look around our kids indoor playground in Essex County, NJ and contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to meeting your young explorer!