How Bright Colors Stimulate Childhood Development

Whether they’re used as a way to attract attention or offer calming effects, bright colors have a profound impact on the development of babies and toddlers. Learn how they can help your child achieve greater success in childhood. 

Attract Attention 

Colors attract attention in a variety of ways, including the way they are perceived as a whole and the way they stand out from their surroundings. They can also evoke positive emotions, such as happiness and excitement. Red, orange and yellow are the most common colors children enjoy, and these hues stimulate their attention and energy levels. Cooler hues (blue, green, and beige) produce calming chemicals in the brain, reducing stress and encouraging sleep and relaxation. As such, babies enjoy toys that are made from these colors because they help stimulate their still-developing eyes. These toys also help maintain their interest and encourage their curiosity. 

Increase Creativity 

One of the most important things a person can do to stimulate their sense of creativity is to surround themselves with colors that inspire it. These colors should be bright and vibrant. Blue, for example, is associated with calm and a sense of serenity. It also promotes communication and trust, which can be very helpful in creative environments. In addition, it can help open the mind to new ideas and as such, is often considered to be one of the best colors for classrooms and offices. 

Reduce Anxiety & Stress 

Colors are known to have a calming effect on people and can help relieve stress. Blue is a particularly calming color, and it can have positive effects on mood and sleep. Red, orange, and yellow also have calming effects on people. They are associated with feelings of warmth and comfort, which can be helpful for kids who need a little more attention or are feeling overwhelmed.