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Travel-themed indoor playground place, Exceptional Explorers is a first of its type in the world of children’s entertainment. Your child’s motor and speech development will be promoted at our facilities via open play as well as organized travel-themed arts and crafts sessions.


Indoor Playgrounds are the best place for parents who want to bring their children indoor recreation. Many fun and attractions are available here, which are suited for children of all ages.

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Play Areas

Exceptional Explorers is a one-of-a-kind indoor recreational space. An outdoor park features combined with the comfort and security of a secure environment setting. Here, you'll learn to utilize this exciting environment to encourage kids to participate in active exploration and discovery. One of the most essential advantages that a play area may provide is the ability for parents to take a break from the responsibility of watching their kids. When your kid is always at your side and demands your full attention, it may be tough to carve out time away from them. Here, you have the opportunity to relax while knowing that your child is having a good time as well. In addition, this environment fosters accessible communication between parent and kid since there is less pressure on either part because everyone gets some downtime during these activities.


Toddler Art Classes

By experimenting with various materials and methods for art creation, your kid will better understand artworks, from forms to colors and beyond!


Date Night

By experimenting with various materials and methods for art creation, your kid will better understand artworks, from forms to colors and beyond!


Open Hours

Monday - Sunday
9am - 5pm
Time Slots @ 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm

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Play Structures

Our indoor playground offers a secure and enjoyable space for children to play and learn in a supportive atmosphere. We also have outdoor playgrounds available. Indoor playgrounds are a great way to keep kids engaged throughout the winter months and on rainy days. Still, you should make sure they contain a variety of activities that encourage movement in addition to just playing around. We have some of the most incredible indoor playground equipment options available, as well as activities that your child will undoubtedly love.

Packages Include

Whether it's open playtime or a fun birthday party theme, there's something for every little learner to enjoy. Please see below for a list of some of our most requested kids indoor playground services in Essex County, NJ:


Robotics Class

Our new robotics classes provide children with an opportunity to develop critical thinking abilities in the areas of mathematics, science, and engineering. A STEM enrichment approach is used in the robotics lessons, which use LEGO, WeDo, or LEGO EV3 robotics to deliver a curriculum that enhances students' creativity and communication abilities.


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Classes

We like offering a platform that gets children enthusiastic about how and why things operate. In a wonderfully designed play environment, your youngster may learn about rockets and the solar system via hands-on activities!

Children’s birthday party

Indoor Playspace

Are you looking for a fun indoor playground? Here's what you need to know about our indoor playspace and why your family will love it here! It is a place that encourages children to explore indoor playgrounds to their maximum potential. You can give your kid a full day of creativity and adventure by providing them with shapes, colors, and activities to keep their brains active. The best part is that there's also room for you to relax and unwind. The parent-friendly room where they can relax, read, talk, or even work on some professional projects while their children play on our indoor playground is available to them at no additional cost. We believe that children should express themselves freely and use their infinite imaginations in a safe environment. We look forward to taking care of your child in a friendly and creative environment, where they will be surrounded by other children to play with and develop their creativity.


Sensory Science Classes

We believe that it is vital for youngsters to get their hands dirty now and then. Because of this, we have created a sensory science lesson in which children may experiment with activities such as blowing bubbles, using sensory bottles, and making slime. Ideal for children ages 3-6, this workshop will assist them in turning the wheels of imagination and creativity.

Gift Card

Gift Cards

Family Fun

Kids can play, have fun, and learn about their environment while they are in an enclosed indoor playground setting. It’s ideal for parents who are pressed for time but yet want to spend meaningful time with their children. Come check out our indoor playground, which is available to both children and their parents. We offer a variety of activities to keep you occupied!

The indoor playground industry is experiencing rapid growth. It’s no surprise, given that indoor playgrounds are increasingly being made to look like the actual world. 

Children can get their wiggles out and have a good time, while their parents can relax in the comfort of their own homes, without having to worry about the bad weather or unsafe areas. 

We rebuild the connection of both parents and their children here at Exceptional Explorers. Book for an open pay slot to enjoy your weekend with your child.