Signs Of Childhood Genius 

There can be subtle signs that your baby could in fact be a genius. Check for these tell-tale signs to help you identify and nurture your child’s genius potential! 

Extreme Focus 

If your child is always in “the zone” when they are doing something that is important to them, this is a sign that they may be on the path to becoming a genius. Psychologists call this flow, the immersive feeling of being fully absorbed in an activity. That intense concentration can be a great asset, but it needs to be carefully managed. It can also be a problem, particularly for people who have ADHD. They get so absorbed in what they’re doing that it can distract them from other things, such as schoolwork or relationships. 

Intense Attention 

Genius kids are very interested in all aspects of life, and they want to know everything about their surroundings. Similarly, a genius kid will be extremely intense with their work, which can sometimes lead to mistakes or failures. These are signs that they need to be encouraged and taught that they are incredibly capable. 


One of the hallmarks of childhood genius is patience. It’s the ability to tolerate long periods of waiting or dealing with annoying problems without getting frustrated. Patience also means staying focused on the task at hand, even when things aren’t going your way. It can be a hard skill to develop, but it pays off in the end. Practicing patience is a great habit for kids to start with and can help them build relationships in their life. Studies have shown that people who practice patience tend to have lower stress levels and fewer physical illnesses related to stress.